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I'd Make Everything Better For You Card

Product Code: BMAA16-WC400
Brand: Blue Mountain Arts
Condition: New
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Wording on Front: If I Could, I’d Make Everything Better for You If I had the words to bring comfort and peace to your heart, I would speak them. If I had the knowledge to know what course would bring you happiness, I would share it…
Inside Verse: If I had the ability to take away all that troubles you, I would do it. If I had the means to show you all that is good within yourself, I would use it. I don’t have power to change the world or to control the path on which you walk. But I have a hand willing to hold your own, an ear willing to listen, and a heart willing to care. I’ll Always Be Here for You
Finish: Top-fold, die-cut design, heavyweight board, raised varnish
Dimensions: 123 x 177mm
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