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I Love Being Your Mother Card

Product Code: BMAA41-CBM425
Brand: Blue Mountain Arts
Condition: New
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Wording on Front: I Love Being Your Mother …and It’s My Privilege to Witness Who You’ve Grown Up to Be Inside Verse: I love being your mother. You are your own person, and I get to see what you choose to do with your time and talents. You may have started small and helpless in my arms, but now I know you are capable of so much. It has inspired me to watch you grow brilliantly into yourself. I have always had such high hopes for you, and you continue to exceed them with the incredible person you are. When I look at you, I see years of memories and decades of potential. You have already changed my world in spectacular ways, and now I see you impact the rest of the world in wonderful ways as well. I am honoured to be your mother. But though I see the best parts of you, please know I never expect you to be perfect… no one is. I am just so glad that you are perfectly you. A mother couldn’t ask for more.
Finish: Two-fold, three-panel heavyweight board. Custom pattern embossing, die-cut fringe or deckle edging Dimensions: 123 x 177mm
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