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Terramundi Multi Coloured Spots Money Pot

Product Code: C10
Brand: Terramundi
Condition: New
More Information
  •     Hand made in Italy & Hand Painted in London
  •     Holds £200 in mixed silver or over £400 in gold coins
  •     Measures approx. 200 x 140mm
  •     Designed for single use, smash to open, prevents temptation to dip into savings
  •     Fortune coin inside each pot
  •     A date & desire card is included for you to complete and pop inside when you start saving
  •     Supplied in a Terramundi branded box
  •     Smashed pots are often reused as plant pots
Liven up your home as you save with this fun Terramundi Multi Coloured Spots Money Pot. The smooth cream base features large pastel coloured polka dots that will add colour to any room you choose. It's pretty yet practical as it will hold all your pennies until it's time to start spending!

Terramundi Money Pots are hand made by a small family run pottery in Umbria, Italy and painted by hand in London. Etruscan money pots have traditionally been used in Italy for over 2000 years and their hand thrown design remains unchanged to this day.

Once the first coin is dropped into a Terramundi Money Pot it needs to be fed until full upon which time it must be smashed whilst making a wish. It is customary to replace the pot and to spend the money on good things.

Inside each pot there is a fortune coin and a separate date and desire card for you to complete and drop inside when you start saving. Once smashed broken pots are often reused as plant pots or candle holders.
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